Hey John Lennon Fans!

Hey John Lennon fans, are you fan enough to make it through, A Spaniard in the Works ? lennon1


Originally published in 1965, this book contains all the silly language play and absurdity that one would expect from one of the great progenitors of psychedelia. It also has adorable drawings.



One might have also expected, after reading a page of this book, that it is  somehow impossible outside of the sixties, that on January 1st, 1970, a book like this would just evaporate or turn to ashes. Some, after reading a page, may wish that it had indeed remained in that storied decade. And yet…here we have it, gracing the shelves of Bibliohead. Others have contended that this is a work of timeless value. As such it was reprinted in the 90′s. This, however is a fifth printing, a little rough around the edges but still in pretty decent condition and straight out of the 1960s.


If this isn’t enough for you, we also currently have a first edition, sans dust jacket, of Lennon’s Skywriting  By Word of Mouth.

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