Curios: What You’re Going to Do Tonight

Tomorrow morning you’re going to trip and fall into a wormhole that drops you into the evening gala for the New Orleans Opera Association at the New Orleans Municipal Auditorium. Since you’re a dot-com billionaire hipster who wears nothing but vintage tuxes all day, every day—and aren’t you glad of it now!—no one’s giving you funny looks when you, looking very, very confused, stumble out from behind a large fern beside the punch table. Lots of people look very confused at opera galas, after all.

“But wait,” you say to yourself, being the New Orleans history buff that you are, “this Auditorium’s been closed since Hurricane Katrina flooded it in 2005,” as you hear the gentle sound of Frank Sinatra singing “Moon River” drift from the radio and a couple dances by you, and you realize that a couple just danced by you to Frank Sinatra and—holy moly it’s 1964.

The 1964 Social Register of New Orleans

Luckily you spent tonight perusing the 1964 Social Register of New Orleans at Bibliohead Bookstore, all the way across the country in San Francisco, so you’re well-prepared to face this crowd on such a pleasant—uh…morning? evening?  Either way, you know where just about every single person in this room went to high shool and college and what social clubs they currently belong to. You even read the entire index of women listed by their maiden names, so you can pretend to ask how your old classmate from the University of Baltimore, Emily Feth is, and then correct yourself, “I mean Emily Hibler, of course! Silly me. I went to her wedding!” Luckily you also have a photographic memory.

Isn’t it great to be you?


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