When you’re out and about in Hayes Valley for your romantic Valentine’s Day dinner tomorrow night, why not stop by and get your date something that’s a surprise to you, too: a love poem from our gumball machine.

Merry Christmas, folks! If you see the yellow sign atop our sandwich board when you walk by, stop in for some cider and cookies while you browse!

A few more gift ideas. Just so you already have something in mind when panic mode starts to set it.

Daniel Handler – Adverbs, signed
Anne Rice - Interview With the Vampire, signed
Ian McEwan – Atonement, signed
David Sedaris – When You Are Engulfed in Flames, signed

Wondering what to get your poet for Christmas? How about a signed volume by a favorite poet?

Be sure to step look behind the counter to check out our rare and signed section next time you’re in the store. We literally have more where these came from.

Robert Hass – Human Wishes, signed
Gary Snyder – Axe Handles, signed
Mary Oliver – New and Selected Poems: Volume Two, signed
Thom Gunn – Jack Straw’s Castle, signed


William S. Burroughs house,
1927 Learnard Ave,
Lawrence, Kansas.

One thing I like about working in a small bookstore like Bibliohead is the odd variety of books we encounter. The way buying and selling works in a store of this size, we can go a strange while without seeing some classic you’d expect to pop up regularly. Until today, for example, we’ve been out of George Eliot for several weeks.

The counterpart to this is the fascinating, wild books no one will ever ask for. I don’t expect someone will ever walk into Bibliohead and say, “Hey, do you have the program for the opera Tom Waits and Robert Wilson adapted from Alice in Wonderland?”

But if she did, I could say, “Yes!” Because we do. And it has eleven different translations of ‘Jabberwocky.’

It also has a libretto section in English, essays by Woolf, Auden, Chesterton, and Beerbohm translated into German, several color and b&w plates (including curtain designs and some torturous-looking concept art for set pieces), and a bunch of other Carrolliana, like illustrations and a word-puzzle of his design. Maybe Robert Wilson felt generous and decided to give the audience both an intermission and something to do during it.

Check back every now and then for other curious books. We have lots here!

Stop by after and lunch and get something to chew on.


If you enter the cheat code ‘R Left, L Down, Left, Up, Down, R C-left, L C-left, L R, Left, L R Right, L C-left’ before starting Christopher Hitchens’s Mortality, you’ll read Milan Kundera’s Immortality instead.

Check out a few of the signed books we have to offer:

Thom Gunn – Jack Straw’s Castle

Margaret Atwood – Strange Things

Chuck Pahlaniuk – Pygmy

David Mitchell – Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet

Vikram Seth – A Suitable Boy

David Sedaris – When You Are Engulfed In Flames

Irvine Welsh – Trainspotting

Norman Mailer – The Gospel According to the Son