Curios: Cruisers of the Air


Remember when the majestic airship ZRS-4 was still a rumor? When three days of ponderous air travel across the Atlantic meant a bar with only German cocktails and a strangely lax smoking policy? Those were the good old days of airstrip travel, before the terrible, and almost inevitable Hindenburg disaster turned lighter than air craft into a forgotten dream, a bad idea and a Led Zeppelin album cover. Well we here at Bibliohead don’t exactly remember those days either, but thanks to this great new arrival, Cruisers of the Air by C.J. Hylander, those heady days need not be forgotten.

cruisers of the air2

This is a really beautiful book with line drawings of airship designs throughout history and diagrams of (once) future behemoths. Published in 1931, six years before the Hindenburg disaster contributed to a general hesitancy over traveling in a bag filled with highly flammable gas, this book chronicles the entire history of the airship, from Roger Bacon’s fantasies to the giants of the nineteen thirties. It is also filled with beautiful line drawings.

The book itself is also quite beautiful and in great condition. The typeface on the front board is perfect, particularly the u, and this amazing Macmillan logo is also a bit of wonderful. These are some of the best examples of design in the 1930s on a book about one of the worst designs.


Though I honestly wouldn’t mind traveling around in a big airship if the whole flammable thing were resolved. Come check us out and learn about the wonderful world of lighter than air travel and more.