Curios: Visionaire and Flair

Visionaire is a magazine that really challenges the digitization of all media. Begun in 1991, this super hip fashion magazine is published three times a year with a unique format and theme. Issue 26, Fantasy is currently on the shelves here at Bibliohead, and it features round pages loose in a box, and to add to the sense of mystery and fantasy, it includes this mask by Hermes.

Visionaire 2

Visionaire really pushes the magazine format and reminds us that the tactile object is such a different experience than the abstracted content one may come across on the screen. So, don’t trust the pictures alone, come down to Bibliohead and check it out for yourself.

Visionaire 26

Visionaire 26

Visionaire is not the only innovative fashion magazine to grace the humble shelves of Bibliohead. A true great in the realm of fashion magazines, or magazines generally is the unfortunately short-lived Flair.



Flair was started in 1950 by Fleur Cowles. Like Visionaire forty years later, Flair featured some great experimentation with the form of the magazine. For instance, the issue from May 1960, which is currently at Bibliohead, features a die cut cover and a tipped in, staple bound booklet on Roses by Katherine Anne Porter. Innovative, but costly production of this sort helped lead to the regrettable demise of this magazine, but it was really a great thing while it lasted. Besides great fashion from the 1950’s Flair featured fantastic, well curated content from artists and writers. This issue features work by Theodore Roethke, a review of the then current work of Christopher Fry, in which a young Richard Burton is pictured as a “newcomer to win notable attention in Fry’s plays” the aforementioned Katherine Anne Porter piece and of course great fashion from 1950. Come down and check it out along with our other great fashion and art books!

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