The Many Forms of Burroughs

Explorer of the other senses that he was, we’ll start the list of our Burroughsiana collection with Burroughs in some of his many other forms. You know Naked Lunch, you know The Wild Boys and Junkie, and we have all kinds of first editions or rare versions or pulp paperbacks that we’ll get to soon. The Seven Deadly Sins | William S. BurroughsBut do you know Burroughs’s more colorful side? Or what he sounds like? Or how trippy his experimental films are? Or that he made films and records with a variety of collaborators?

How about that Burroughs used a shotgun to make art? This rare book, The Seven Deadly Sins, collects images and text made by Burroughs in the early ’90s. The foundation of most of the images are blocks of wood that Burroughs blasted with his signature 12-guage, then painted and silk-screened.

Another interesting item we have isĀ You’re the Guy I Want to Share My Money With, a gate-fold double LP Burroughs made You're the guy I Want to Share My Money With, The Final Academy Documents, Call Me Burroughsin collaboration with John Giorno and Laurie Anderson, with images by Jimmy De Sana and published by Giorno Poetry Systems (two names that you’ll see again in our future lists). Each of the first three sides has works by one of the collaborators, but this is the coolest part: the fourth side is multi-grooved, with three tracks running simultaneously. Which one plays depends upon which one the needle catches when you place it. (The LP version also features tracks not included in later CD reissues.)

Also pictured here: The Final Academy Documents, a collection of Burroughs’s experimental films plus some footage from a reading with John Giorno playing accompaniment at Factory Recrod’s Hacienda Club in Manchester; and Call Me Burroughs, a straight-up, no-frills collection of Burroughs reading from some of his most well-known works.Paper Cloud/Thick Pages: Paintings by Burroughs

The Seven Deadly Sins
Paper Cloud/Thick Pages: Paintings by WSB

Call Me Burroughs (Audio Cassette Tape)
You’re the Guy I Want to Share My Money With (Collaboration between Burroughs, Laurie Anderson, and John Giorno) (Double LP Record)

William S. Burroughs: Commissioner of Sewers, by Klaus Maeck (VHS Tape)
Burroughs: The Movie; dir. By Howard Brookner (VHS Tape)
Destroy All Rational Thought (VHS Tape)
Thee Films: 1950s-1960s (VHS Tape)
The Final Academy Documents, Tape 1: 1962/3, Tape 2: 1982 (VHS Tape)

Burroughs (dir. by Brookner), Commissioner of Sewers, Thee Films: 1950s-1960s,  Destroy All Rational Thought,