334 Gough St. at Hayes
San Francisco, CA 94102

Got Books?

We sell books on a wide variety of topics, therefore we are always looking for (almost) all kinds of materials. We pay competitively and fairly based on condition, how often we see particular books and how quickly they'll sell. Some books, because they are common or slower sellers, we may only want for trade.

Due to the flexibility of retail schedules, please call 415-621-6772 before coming down.

If you have a serious book habit, trade is the most generous way to go. If you read quickly and bring books back quickly, you will be happy with the results.

Why sell to bibliohead?

The proprietor, Melissa Richmond, buys books personally, using her over 20 years in the business. Because we are a relatively small store, still trying to carve our niche, you may be "a big fish in a small pond," which is often more lucrative and less aggravating than being 10th in line. Your books will help a new independent store build on its collection and stay strong.

Some books we are not interested in: romance, textbooks, computers, and vast collections of book club editions or super pop fiction from yesteryear.

Books we're always looking for:

  • Super current literature and fiction "What people are reading right now"
  • classic fiction and literature: everything from Hemingway to Harper Lee and Emily Dickinson to Ovid
  • Mystery, science fiction, and fantasy--mostly paperbacks
  • All the arts from painting to dance. We have particular interest in classical music, opera, ballet, and even sheet music and vocal scores
  • Philosophy both western and eastern, from classic to postmodern
  • Old metaphysics, occult, and eastern philosophy
  • Vintage children's books
  • Vintage pulp novels especially gay and lesbian
  • Graphic design and architecture
  • Select rare, collectible and modern first editions

Things to remember:

Condition counts! Don't assume based on the above list, we aren't interested. Ask first. Garbage bags are not meant for books. We may not buy everything, but may buy more than you think. We have an active free basket for leftovers you don't want to bring home. Always alert us if you believe you have something valuable: we will gladly help you find fair value.

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